Buddha Brow Brow Soap

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Our Buddha Brow Brow Soap is a brow setting product that works on all hair types, thin or thick. This is the only brow soap on the market that contains Castor Oil. The Castor Oil nourishes the eyebrow and helps it grow. Once the product dries in the brow, it essentially 'glues' the eyebrow hairs in place, without feeling heavy or sticky at all. It gives a soft sheen to the eyebrow, enhancing the natural brow color as well. This product gives the look of a laminated eyebrow at home. 

HOW TO: Dampen spoolie brush and rub back and forth in brow soap. Your brush should look slightly wet and sudsy when you go to apply. However, you can apply dry as well. Apply the soap in upward strokes in the direction you wish your brow to set. Use a QTip to clean any excess product from skin and allow soap to dry in brow. This product will dry completely clear in the eyebrow and look very natural.