Buddha Brow Slanted and Spoolie Brush

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The Buddha Brow Slanted and Spoolie Brush is to be used with our Buddha Brow Eyebrow Powders to apply and blend the product. Tap slanted brush in brow powder and apply in short strokes. Use the spoolie end to blend the powder upwards. 

Use this brush to mark your points during mapping the brow in the microblading or waxing procedure. 

BROW TIP: A clean brush will always apply your color more effectively. Clean your slanted brush with a gentle soap and water. Lay flat to dry. This will keep the brush hairs more compact as well.

Apply your powder over the Buddha Brow White Stick. The White Stick will act as a base and your powder will stick right to it. Also, seal your powder with the Buddha Brow Clear Brow Gel. Your powder will stay in place all day.