Buddha Brow Precision Brow Pencil

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The Buddha Brow Precision Eyebrow Pencil is a thin, twist up pencil with a spoolie end for blending. It comes in 5 colors, Blonde, Sable (Redhead,) Smoke (Ashy Black,) Brunette and Deep Brunette. This pencil is perfect for filling in the brow in for a structured, defined look. 

This pencil can be used during microblading to map the eyebrow. 

BROW TIP: Use your pencil to create hairlike strokes throughout the brow to give the brow a more natural, feathery look. Try filling in only the top of the brow, near the arch for a finished, but natural look. 

Are you oily? Use a setting powder over the eyebrows before using the Buddha Brow Precision Pencil. This will eliminate any oil on the skin and give the pencil a better base. 

Gently spin the tip of your Buddha Brow Precision Pencil in a tissue. This will give it more of a point. 

Don't know which color to choose? Text us a picture of yourself! We will help you decide. 425.346.4406